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SharePoint Wiki Redirect

SharePoint Wiki Redirect

SharePoint Wiki Redirect provides an easy way to manage different versions of wiki pages and control which version is displayed by default.This free SharePoint wiki web part gives you the ability to quickly toggle between the SharePoint wiki versions edited most recently, the latest approved/published ...

Freeware  291k 1034 SharePointBoost Co Ltd

bLADE Personal Wiki

A notetaking application for Windows and Windows Mobile that uses a personal wiki approach. Allows notes to be synchronized between desktop and mobile versions of the application.

Freeware  128k 445

More Wiki in a jar

"More Wiki in a Jar" is a small Wiki written in Java with great focus on simplicity and a full Wiki formatting syntax. It is intended to run on a USB stick. It is a improved version of "Wiki in a jar" by rico_g.

Freeware  140k 680

P2P WIKI - collaborative edition

WOOKI is a peer-to-peer wiki. It based on unstructured p2P network with data replication. WOOT framework synchronizes data. SWOOKI is a semantic extenion of WOOKI. It is implemented as a plugin of WOOKI. SWOOKI is peer-to-peer semantic wiki.

Freeware  3,011k 724

Perki (Wiki document sharing)

Perki is a Wiki system featuring categories, "featured" documents, user management with a number of permissions, and document versioning with handy diffs between versions. Lightweight but versatile, it can solve a variety of information-sharing needs.

Freeware  94k 787

TitiWiki - Light and flexible Wiki

Basically, as it's name says, TitiWiki is another Wiki, among tons of them on the market ;) TitiWiki is a lightweight, easy to use and install PHP / MySQL based Wiki. It is designed to be standalone or easilly integrated in other projects as a ...

Freeware  1,512k 482

Very Quick Wiki

Very Quick Wiki is a Java Server Pages based WikiWikiWeb clone. It's goal is to be as lightweight but as functional as possible. It is deployed by dropping a single war file into any J2EE web container without any extra installation processes.

Freeware  3,928k 502

WS Wiki

A wiki program developed to run on Progress Software Corporation's OpenEdge development platform.

Freeware  13,426k 393

Web Community Wiki

The Web Community Wiki aims to create a base for informations, using mediawiki and the semantic mediawiki extension. The project works on templates for the wiki and on skins and extensions to enhance the useability of the Web Community Wiki.

Freeware  93k 600

WiKissMe wiki content management system

WiKissMe is a wiki content management system that stores its data in flat text file. It is written in PHP 5. It has flexible plugins and modules architecture featuring blog, comments, captcha and others. Supports themes with templates as well.

Freeware  137k 1016

Wikepage Wiki / Blog Hybrid Engine

Wikepage is a small wiki - blog hybrid site generator written in PHP. It runs without a database. It has i18n support, multilanguage site support, password protected pages, table support, css styling, RSS output, and alot of other features

Freeware  33k 860

Wiki .NET

A set of libraries and programs to access MediaWiki based websites' data through the MediaWiki API. Also includes visual tools to aid editing wiki-markup pages. Created using the .Net framework and C# API for connecting to and fetching data from MediaWiki based sitesGUI tools for ...

Freeware  54k 392

Wiki C# .Net

This is a C# .Net application that allow to have a wiki-like knowledge base. It creates text files for each new pages. Wiki-like desktop applicationSave to text filesSupport for Windows Mobile

Freeware  32k 581

Wiki on a Stick in italiano

Questo progetto ha l'obbiettivo di tradurre Wiki on a Stick in italiano *Cercasi aiutanti per tradurre questo software! Contattatemi all'e-mail <>* A? Serverless cioA? non ha bisogno di essere installato su un server webil software A? un file HTML che si modifica da soloessendo un ...

Freeware  166k 715


Wiki-Aid is for the editors of Wikipedia who want to help revert vandalism without having lots of page edits already. Therefore it is less powerful than current tools but requires no editing of your monobook.js!

Freeware  254k 333


Swing-Search tool to effectively search among a list of strings and open a corresponding webpage in a browser. It was originally designed to quickly search all titles of pages that are stored in a Wiki.

Freeware  597k 693

wiki to man

This project provide scripts for automatically generating man pages from wiki web based sources. So it consists with scripts which download wiki source files from wiki web server, convert it from wiki to roff format end then make archive of man pages.

Freeware  126k 312

Awk powered CMS, with wiki-style syntax

Blis is a CGI based Content Management System, written in awk, light and very fast. It uses plain text files written in wiki-style syntax as page sources, parses them, applies a selectable template and presents the results to the reader as web content.

Freeware  23k 640

Cloud Wiki

A wiki engine written in Python, backed by Sqlite, providing user authentication, powerful command line administration facilities and a simple, clear web interface for editors.

Freeware  31k 386

Corendal Wiki

Corendal Wiki is a wiki intranet application written in Java. It uses MySQL or Oracle and Tomcat. It integrates with Active Directory accounts and groups, features full text indexing, a Rich Text Editor and subscriptions. See no wiki syntax to learn, a WYSIWYG rich ...

Freeware  23,840k 632

DocBook Wiki

DocBook Wiki is a web application that is used to display and to edit online DocBook documents. It displays the documents directly from the DocBook(XML) format. It also supports several modes of editing (text, xml, latex, texi, etc.).

Freeware  996k 298

GeboGebo Wiki

GeboGebo is a modern Wiki system running with a local tdbengine database structure. This allows it to use indexed fulltext search, AutoLink, realtime backlinks and fast page retrieval. Other features are: Plugins, Static page generation, namespaces, 3-le

Freeware  419k 240

Help Desk Wiki

Help Desk Wiki is a Web Application that help the work of Help Desks and Call Centers with a lot of tools like Tickets following problems untill they will be solved. Users can share address book, links and other documents, arranged in categories.

Freeware  956k 445

Hoodong Wiki (HDWiki)

Hoodong Wiki is the FIRST and the most comprehensive Chinese wiki software. It integrates web 2.0 elements like tag, digg, AJAX and etc. Outperforms mediawiki in many aspects.

Freeware  1,177k 750

Java Wiki Bot Framework

Java Wiki Bot Framework helps with wiki (MediaWiki) site management. It allows to build robots to edit and dump information from Wikis. For more information and features see project homepage.

Freeware  2,428k 403

Kehei Wiki

Source distribution for Kehei Wiki, one of the oldest wiki implementations. Targeted at commercial environments, provides adjustable enforcement of author rights, WYSIWYG editing, optional blog by page, multi namespaces, templates for everything..

Freeware  14k 351

ProWiki wiki engine

ProWiki is a wiki engine in Perl. Wiki configuration is done in subpages, so parts of a hierarchical wiki can have their own layouts and access rights. Independent as sub-wiki such wiki parts have their own wiki index, recent changes and search focus.

Freeware  428k 356


SWA-Wiki is an extended version of the DolphinWikiWeb by ObjectArts - see: - with many useful new features, both for the developer and for the end-user.

Freeware  155k 169

StikiWeb Wiki

StikiWeb is a Java-based Wiki engine intended for use by small-to-moderate sized hierarchical organizations. Its admin model parallels an organizations hierarchy and its markup is sufficient for the Wiki to serve as a primary web site, not an add-on.

Freeware  1,319k 319

Usemodj Wiki

UseModj is a Java based Wiki Clone, using Struts, Velocity Layout, CSS. It's goal is to be the same function and file storage as UseMod wiki, but is deployed by dropping a single war file into Tomcat or JBoss Server and supports file/image attach.

Freeware  14,799k 270
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